Study Abroad Programs for General Education

Study Abroad Programs for General Education




General Education (GE) coursework has been foundational to BYU international study programs for over fifty years. An initiative sponsored by Undergraduate Education and the Kennedy Center seeks to build on that foundation to further address the priorities of the BYU GE program, invite participation across the university, and promote effective use of experiential learning at key study abroad sites.

The Study Abroad GE (SAGE) committee is pleased to solicit and review proposals for new and refined GE-focused study abroad programs from across the university. The committee will consider proposals for GE programs at select cultural capital sites including the BYU London Centre, Paris, Rome, Madrid and Vienna.

Selection of programs will be based on key characteristics described below. Proposals should provide both operational and academic descriptions of the program informed by the specific evaluation criteria referenced in the descriptions.

Desired Program Characteristics

All proposals should reflect the following program characteristics: (Please refer to the full
description here: SAGE Program Characteristics).

SAGE program proposals will be:

1. Aligned
Effective programs extend learning and capabilities central to BYU’s General Education
mission. All courses offered on the program include substantive outcomes-based curriculum
tailored to experiential learning at the sites.

2. Experiential
Programs enable learning that cannot be replicated or achieved on campus. Programs
demonstrate the unique value of experiences conducted in each specific location.

3. Integrated
Programs integrate course offerings and itineraries for a coherent general education
learning experience. Programs with multiple directors should provide a highly coordinated
design across curricula and activities.

4. Well-directed
Faculty are eligible and qualified (subject, site, or study abroad expertise) to direct a study
abroad program.

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